Tim’s club is talk of the Town

Tim Sadler launched Chesterfield Town eight years ago and it has grown to become Derbyshire’s biggest football club.

For the 2012/13 season it will field a staggering 38 teams catering for the widest possible range of ages and ability.

NDET 25-8-12 RKH 6 Chesterfield Town Fc coach Tim Sadler.

NDET 25-8-12 RKH 6 Chesterfield Town Fc coach Tim Sadler.

The Town umbrella offers openings for players aged four right through to veterans aged 35 and over.

There is also a girls team and during the football season the club will be represented on playing fields throughout the East Midlands and Yorkshire on both Saturdays and Sundays.

Founder Tim was inspired to launch the club in 2004 and he has been pleasantly surprised by the way the club has mushroomed since its inception.

He said: “Other clubs tend just to have one or two teams playing at a particular age group but we try and provide football for everybody who wants to play. For example, we have five teams for lads aged U10 and U11.

“I think that’s one of the reasons why we have been so successful and grown to become the county’s largest club.’’

Tim also runs Saturday morning coaching sessions at Highfields Park for youngsters.

He said: “Children who show some potential are pointed in the direction of Chesterfield Town where they can join teams.’’

Teams fielded under the Chesterfield Town banner have won a succession of titles and knock out cups and the off the field, the club has been equally triumphant.

Town has received the coveted FA Community Standard, which recognises the quality of its coaching and child care, and has won Derbyshire Club of the Year laurels.

Also filling the club’s trophy cabinet are Club of the Year honours from the Derbyshire FA and Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire.

Tim is rightly proud of Chesterfield Town and what has been achieved and he is keen to ensure that the club prevails and continues to provide organised football for players throughout north Derbyshire.

Anyone interested in helping Chesterfield Town can contact Tim for further information on (01246) 277325.