Three horse race at top of table

Three teams are in joint first place in Division One and are all on 45 points.

Alfreton ‘D’ lost 2-3 against fourth-placed Grassmoor WMC and NEDSC ‘A’ lost 3-2 against Eckington ‘A’ with Shirebrook Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ beating Clowne Liberal ‘B’ 1-4. Grassmoor are a further two points behind the leaders.

In the match between Shirebrook Ex Serviceman’s ‘B’ and Alfreton ‘A’ John Strange had a break of 43 in his win for Alfreton against Graham Cann.

In Division Two New Whittington ‘A’ have moved in to a four-point lead and are on 43 points after they beat Clowne Liberal ‘D’ 5-0 with Keiran Wood having a break of 31 in his win against NEDSC ‘B’ 3-2.

Joining NEDSC ‘B’ in joint third place a further three points behind are Clowne Liberal ‘A’ who beat Hasland WMC ‘C’ 0-5 with Rick Wyld having a 32 break in his win against Hasland’s Darren Hemingrey.

In the match between Staveley MW ‘A’ and New Tupton MW ‘B’ where Tupton won 0-5 Mick Elliott had breaks of 29 and 35 in his win for Tupton against Roger Sands.

Unless the wheels come off it looks very much as though Brotherhood ‘A’ have Division Three all sewn up, as they have moved in to a 15-point lead and are on 58 points after beating second-placed Rileys ‘B’ 0-5 who have now lost their last two matches 5-0.

Alfreton ‘C’ are in third place a further two points behind although they lost 4-1 against fourth-placed NEDSC ‘L’ who are another two points behind. Old Whittington ‘A’ beat NEDSC ‘G’ 4-1 with Jim Drabble having a 30 break in his win for Old Whitt against Arthur Pendleton, and both these teams join NEDSC ‘L’ in joint fourth place. In the match between NEDSC ‘J’ and Staveley MW ‘B’ Matt Large had a break of 39 in his win against Staveley’s Steve Nappy.

In Division Four New Whittington ‘B’ after beating British Rail 2-3 have moved back in to a one-point lead and are on 51 points, with Pot Black in second place after they beat NEDSC ‘E’ 2-3.

Newbold Community ‘B’ are a further seven points behind in third place although they lost 3-2 against Doe Lea MW ‘A’, and Doe Lea MW ‘B’ are another one point behind after they had an excellent 0-5 win away at NEDSC ‘M’ with Vince Canning having a 30 break in his win against NE’s Nigel Rowland.

The top three teams remain in the same position as last week in Division Five with Chesterfield MW ‘B’ in first place after they beat Newbold Community ‘C’ 2-3 with NEDSC ‘H’ in second place after they beat New Tupton MW ‘A’ 2-3.


Division 1: Eckington ‘A’ 3 N.E.D.S.C. ‘A’ 2, Alfreton ‘D’ 2 Grassmoor WMC ‘A’ 3, Chesterfield MW ‘A’ 4 Eckington ‘B’ 1, Shirebrook Ex Servicemans ‘B’ 4 Alfreton ‘A’ 1, Clowne Liberal ‘B’ 1 Shirebrook Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 4, N.E.D.S.C. ‘D’ 1 Rileys ‘A’ 4.

Division 2: New Whittington ‘A’ 5 Clowne Liberal ‘D’ 0, Alfreton ‘B’ 3 Birdholme WMC 2, Hasland WMC ‘C’ 0 Clowne Liberal ‘A’ 5, Staveley MW ‘A’ 0 New Tupton MW ‘B’ 5, Alfreton ‘B’ 5 North Wingfield WMC 0.

Division 3: Rileys ‘B’ 0 Brotherhood ‘A’ 5, N.E.D.S.C. ‘L’ 4 Alfreton ‘C’ 1, Old Whittington ‘A’ 4 N.E.D.S.C. ‘G’ 1, Holmewood MW 3 Eckington ‘C’ 2, N.E.D.S.C. ‘J’ 2 Staveley MW ‘B’ 3, Arkwright MW 2 Hasland WMC ‘A’ 3, Staveley MW ‘B’ 2 Holmewood MW 3.

Division 4:- Brotherhood ‘C’ 3 Poolsbrook ‘B’ 2, New Whittington ‘B’ 2 New Whittington ‘C’ 3, Doe Lea MW ‘A’ 3 Newbold Community ‘B’ 2, British Rail 2 New Whittington ‘B’ 3, N.E.D.S.C. ‘M’ 0 Doe Lea MW ‘B’ 5N.E.D.S.C. ‘E’ 2 Pot Black 3.

Division 5:- Hasland WMC ‘B’ 3 N.E.D.S.C. ‘F’ 2, Brotherhood ‘B’ 4 Rileys ‘C’ 1, A.G.D. Rileys 2 Rileys ‘C’ 3, Newbold Community ‘C’ 2 Chesterfield MW ‘B’ 3, New Tupton MW ‘A’ 2 N.E.D.S.C. ‘H’ 3.