Something new for anglers to try

I’d like to explain how I use the humble Stonfo connector in a very different way, writes Kevin Miles.

Stonfo connects pole elastic to the main rig line. Some anglers have adapted the idea and now use Dacron connectors or tie a ‘crow’s foot’ knot in the elastic to connect rig line. First set your pole elastic, I use a size 5-6, so about 8-12 inches is dangling out of the pole.

Use a decent-sized, high viz Stonfo, which will be your bite indicator, then simply connect four foot of fine line to the Stonfo and tie on a size 20 hook at the business end.

A tiny Stotz around a foot from the hook will help sink the line or a little washing-up liquid to help cut through the surface tension.

Now start feeding your swim and keep firing until you see fish competing for the freebies, then put a maggot on the hook and lower the bait into the swim. No float, only a tiny shot on the line . Keep the pole tip about two feet above the surface.

Bites will be obvious as the Stonfo dips or swings around, some fish will even hook themselves against the tension of the elastic. It works well with pellets or casters, you may need to use larger hooks and line if the fish go to a decent size. Let me know how you get on with this method.