Shirebrook teenager progresses to finals of National Schools Championships

Alysia Middleton in action
Alysia Middleton in action

A Shirebrook teenager has progressed through to the finals of the National Schools Championships in trampolining.

Alysia Middleton (14) has been trampolining since she was seven years old and dedicates all of her spare time to her trampolining club in Bassetlaw.

To make it through to the finals, Alysia had to compete in the zonal round at the University of Cambridge, going up against students from across the midlands.

Alysia said: “You have to do two routines in the completion – one set routine so everyone does the same thing, and then a freestyle routine, where you cram as many hard moves in as possible.

“I scored really highly in them both, getting high eight’s and nine’s, I was so happy and really pleased to have done well.

“I was really nervous – there were hundreds of people there watching – but I just concentrated on my routine that I knew so, so well, and the trampoline; all I could hear was the sound it was making.

“After the first routine I got lots of comments from other coaches about how good I was, and I felt it had gone well so I felt a bit more confident then.

“But the competition was fierce, there were so many great trampolinists there competing.”

Finishing second overall in the zonal stage meant Alysia secured her place in the final, which will take place in Birmingham next month.

To prepare for the finals – along with other competitions that she competes in through her club – Alysia trains five days a week.

She said: “It’s hard because I go to training straight from school every day, then I have to get all my school work done at the weekends.

“And most of the competitions are at weekends so I have to squeeze everything in.

“But I love trampolining; it’s not a chore, and I know that I need to get good grades at school too, so I just get on with it.”

Alysia’s ultimate aim is to represent Great Britain in the Olympics – something that keeps her focused.

She said: “That’s my dream, I would love to be part of Team GB in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, that’s what I’m working towards.

“I’ve taken all my grading exams, and I’m just waiting to do my elite grade, which means I will be able to be picked for the team.

“I’m going to do my coaching exams as soon am 15 – that’s the earliest you can do them – and do more coaching along the way too.”