Chesterfield Fan's View: Referee should be on Blackpool seafront

You know you're in a rubbish league and your team is hopeless when'¦.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 2:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 3:48 pm
Curtis Weston, whose red card was rescinded in Chesterfield's draw with Fylde.

.....Your player gets sent off and then the decision is rescinded by a linesman.

The most exciting thing about the game aganst Fylde on Saturday was the ‘dismissal’ of Curtis Weston. It had many in the stands either scratching their heads or laughing at the referee’s antics.

The decision of referee Joe Hull to overturn his own red card was bizarre and not something I’d seen before. For me, it was handball by Weston and a foul, although it was outside the box.

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The infringement actually happened before the linesman had even put his flag up for offside, so if the linesman hadn’t put his flag up, how did the referee even know that there had been an offside?

So the referee overturned his own decision based on something that he did not even know about. With that sort of foresight or hindsight, he should be on Blackpool seafront, telling fortunes rather then trying to be a referee. I can’t see the assessor giving Mr Hull a glowing report.

You also know you’re in a rubbish league when your long-ball team look like they’re never going to score and their only tactic is to try and find the head of your giant striker. The opposition knows this and simply fouls Tom Denton by shirt-pulling at every opportunity.

The referee simply ignored the fact that the blatant shirt-pulling and wrestling was going on. This leaves Denton with only two options in future: 1) Learn to dive. Yes, England got penalties at the World Cup, but Harry Kane still had to go down in the box when being wrestled from a corner. Or 2) Get the club to cut the seams of his shirt and stick it back together with Velcro, so as soon as an opposition defender grabs his kit, it will come off and it will be fairly obvious that shirt-pulling was going on. Mind you, even if that had happened on Saturday, referee Hull might have called it offside. Who knows?

Yes, Martin Allen was right to go nuts because we really should have had a penalty or maybe two, but with only three chances created in 90 minutes of football, we aren’t going to win many games.

The midfield looked more stable, playing in a different formation. Joe Rowley put in a good shift and we didn’t suffer an embarrassment like in the last two home games. But the crowd is starting to dwindle and even season-ticket holders aren’t attending any more.

The official attendance was just over 4,000, but many fans are expressing doubts that this was the true figure inside the ground.

Oh for a win............