Riverside potters come out on top


The match of the week was the clash of division three top two, as second-placed Riverside hosted table-toppers Hustlers.

Riverside ran out 4-1 winners but the score line did not tell the story of a match that could have gone 4-1 to either side.

Harry Anderson was the only winner for Hustlers with a win over Mick Atkinson, 95-8, two visits one of 54 and 41.

In division one, it was back to normal for Shirebrook beating Badger 4-1.

nedsc A kept up the pressure with a 4-1 win over Clowne Lib B.

Hustlers A had a fine 4-1 win to remain in third.

Division one results: Shirebrook 4-Badger 1; nedcs A 4 Clowne Lib B 1(T Sewell with a 62 break); Hustlers A 4 New Whitt 1; Clowne Lib A 1 Alfreton A 4; Rileys A 2 Alfreton D 3.

In Division Two, Hasland maintained winning ways entertaining nedsc G, running out 3-2.

In the derby clash at Tupton mw, nedsc B played well but the hosts ran out 3-2 winners with Mike Taylor having breaks of 53 and 33,in an 86-01 win over Mick Murtagh.

Division Two results: North Wingfield wmc 2, Hustlers B 3; Tupton B 3 nedssc B 2; Hasland wmc 3,nedsc G 2 .

In division three Pot Black entertained a good Holmewood side and ran out 4-1 winners.

Bottom side Hasland visited Alfreton and lost out 3-2.

Third placed New Whitt B hosted Arkwright and won 3-2 with a rare defeat for Andy Marples.

Division Three results: Riverside 4 Hustlers 1; Birdholme wmc A 3 Clowne Lib D 2; nedsc L 3 Old Whitt A 2; New WhittB 3 Arkwright 2; Alfreton C 3 Hasland A 2; Pot Black 4 Holmewood A 1.

Division Four: nedsc E 1 Doe Lea mw B 4 nedsc M 2 New Whitt C 3; Staveley mw B 3 Pilsley mw 2; Newbold ca B 4 Chesterfield mw B 1; Doe Lea mw A 3 nedsc J 2; Brotherhood C 0 Newbold 5 (B Ward with a 22 break but the break of the night in this division was I Shaw with a fine 60 break).

In division five big wins were the order of the day, three 5-0 wins and two 4-1 wins.

Hustlers D are running away in this division with a 5-0 win over New Tupton A.

Poolsbrook are still battling beating Newbold B 5-0 and well done to British Rail for overcoming Newbold 5-0 .

Results: Hustlers D 5 Tupton A 0; Newbold wmc B 0 Poolsbrook sc 5; British Rail 5 Newbold ca 0; Hasland B 4 agd rileys 1; nedc F 1 Rileys 4.

In the league team ko, Hustlers C faced Hustlers A and the division three side were no match for their big brothers.

The A side won 447-247.

Joel Walker did the damage in the first frame with a 54 break, and then went on to take the frame 109-34.

That set an uphill task for the C team who could not get on terms with the division one side.