On-cue Shaw pockets winning break of 49


Grassmoor WMC are still leading Division One and are on 16 points after beating Clowne Liberal ‘B’ 2-3 away.

Shirebrook Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ are in joint first place along with Grassmoor after they beat Alfreton ‘A’ 1-4 away with Ashley Walker and Jay Shaw having breaks of 48 and 49 in their wins against Alfreton’s Ian Rose and Julian Marshall respectively.

NEDSC ‘A’ are in third place after they beat New Whittington ‘A’ 1-4 away.

In the match between Rileys ‘A’ and Hustlers ‘A’ Ashley Carty had a break of 33 in his win against Rileys Simon Wall.

In Division Two New Tupton ‘B’ are one point clear and are on 13 points after they beat Brotherhood ‘A’ 1-4 away, with NEDSC ‘G’ in second place after they beat Alfreton ‘B’ 4-1.

In the match between NEDSC ‘B’ and North Wingfield WMC Paul Barrs knocked in a break of 33 in his win against Wingfield’s Deano Hancock.

Hustlers ‘C’ are five points clear in Division Three and are on 21 points after beating Alfreton ‘C’ 5-0 with New Whittington ‘B’ in second place after they beat Pot Black 5-0 with Andy Marples having a break of 28 for Whittington against Ryan Wilkes.

There are then three teams in joint third place all on 14 points, Birdholme WMC who beat Hasland WMC ‘A’ 2-3 away, NEDSC ‘L’ who beat Holmewood MW 1-4 away and Riverside ‘A’ who beat Arkwright MW 0-5 away with John Hunter knocking in a break of 52 in his win for Riverside against Paul Morgan.

In Division Four, Newbold WMC ‘A’ are two points clear and are on 18 points after they beat NEDSC ‘M’ 3-2 with Lee Shaw knocking in breaks of 23 and 24 and Steve Donaldson having a break of 35 in their wins for Newbold against Mick Cartwright and Danny Wright respectively.

Newbold Community ‘B’ are in second place after they beat Staveley MW ‘B’ 2 -3 away.

New Whittington ‘C’ are a further one point behind although they lost 3-2 against Doe Lea MW ‘B.

NEDSC ‘H’ are three points clear in Division Five and are on 19 points after they beat second-placed British Rail 3-2, with New Tupton MW ‘A’ in third place a further point behind after they beat Rileys ‘C’ 4-1.

In the match between Hasland WMC ‘B’ and Newbold WMC ‘B’ Garry Wood had a break of 27 for Hasland against Dave Newsome.


DIVISION 1:- Rileys ‘A’ 2 Hustlers ‘A’ 3, Alfreton ‘D’ 2 Clowne Liberal ‘A’ 3, Alfreton ‘A’ 1 Shirebrook Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 4, New Whittington ‘A’ 1 N.E.D.S.C. ‘A’ 4, Clowne Liberal ‘B’ 2 Grassmoor WMC 3.

DIVISION 2:- Brotherhood ‘A’ 1 New Tupton MW ‘B’ 4, N.E.D.S.C. ‘G’ 4 Alfreton ‘B’ 1, N.E.D.S.C. ‘B’ 4 North Wingfield WMC 1, Alfreton ‘B’ 2 Brotherhood ‘A’ 3.

DIVISION 3:- Arkwright MW ‘A’ 0 Riverside ‘A’ 5, New Whittington ‘B’ 5 Pot Black 0, Hustlers ‘C’ 5 Alfreton ‘C’ 0, Holmewood MW 1 N.E.D.S.C. ‘L’ 4, Hasland WMC ‘A’ 2 Birdholme WMC 3, Old Whittington ‘A’ 3 Clowne Liberal ‘D’ 2.

DIVISION 4:- Pilsley MW 1 Doe Lea MW ‘A’ 4, Chesterfield MW ‘B’ 3 N.E.D.S.C. ‘E’ 2, Newbold WMC ‘A’ 3 N.E.D.S.C. ‘M’ 2, Doe Lea MW ‘B’ 3 New Whittington ‘C’ 2, N.E.D.S.C. ‘J’ 3 Brotherhood ‘C’ 2, Staveley MW ‘B’ 2 Newbold Community ‘B’ 3.

DIVISION 5:- N.E.D.S.C. ‘H’ 3 British Rail 2, New Tupton MW ‘A’ 4 Rileys ‘C’ 1, Hasland WMC ‘B’ 3 Newbold WMC ‘B’ 2, Newbold Community ‘C’ 4 N.E.D.S.C. ‘F’ 1, Poolsbrook ‘B’ 3 Hustlers ‘D’ 2.