Old Comrades pigeon results

Thirteen members of Creswell Old Comrades Flying Club sent 158 birds to Buckingham, liberated at 15.35 in a SE wind.

1st Mr and Mrs C Jones (Bolsover) 1544.26; 2nd Mr and Mrs C Jones (Bolsover) 1540.62; 3rd D Hodgson (Creswell) 1537.49; 4th R Losh (Creswell) 1505.62; 5th B Scathard (Hodthorpe) 1424.36; 6th B Scathard (Hodthorpe)1297.31; 7th Mr and Mrs O Cox (Bolsover) 1269.33; 8th T Hancock (Creswell) 1260.47 ; 9th A Greengrass (Creswell) 1255.75; 10th D Hodgson (Creswell 1230.88. On Saturday, the Old Comrades are at Portsmouth.