New pellets are the business

As regular readers will know, I have an open mind when it comes to fishing and when a fellow angler gave me the nudge on a new pellet, I needed no further prompting to investigate further.

Over the last few years I’ve been using Nutrabait’s soft hooker pellets for most of my pole work. They’ve produced the goods on all the waters I’ve visited and never failed to get bites.

They come in a range of sizes and flavours to suit most situations and catch fish from the first put in. So the new pellet had a tough benchmark and lots to live up to.

A quick drive to the tackle shop and I soon had a tub of 4mm fishmeal soft hooker pellets made by Sonubaits in my hands.

The usual sniff and a squeeze test tell you these must be the oiliest pellets on the market. The leakage rate is phenomenal. Squeeze one of these pellets between finger and thumb and you need to wash your hands.

On the bank, they didn’t let me down. I was fishing at nine metres to the edge of a bank of lilies with a Team Daiwa .3gm float, a ‘shirt-button’ shotting pattern of Stotz down the line to a size 18 barbless with a single pellet firmly on the bend. Immediately the float buried and a 3oz roach came to hand – that’s before I’d put any feed pellets or groundbait in the swim – a good start to the day.

Half a dozen walnut-sized balls of fishmeal groundbait, a scattering of 2mm feed pellets and the table was set for a bagging session.

Every put-in resulted in the float disappearing, roach and rudd to around 8oz were queuing up to sample the hook bait – time to experiment. Two pellets on the hook made no difference – the float buried as soon as it hit the water. Changing the shotting pattern to force the bait to the bottom resulted in bigger fish gracing the net. A roach round the pound mark made an appearance, but no sign of tench or crucians though. Then a slow, slide-away bite stretched the six elastic as a fish cruised to the middle of the pond, now this was something different!

Consistent pressure and a near miss at the net resulted in a fish worthy of capture. There glistening in the bottom of the net was a huge roach. 1lb 14oz, weighed in a carrier bag for accuracy – that’ll do nicely.

I’m trying the 6mm pellets on the next session!