Tough weekend for Wilson Racing in Barcelona

Dronfield-based Wilson Racing had a tough weekend in Barcelona for the third round of the European Talent Cup.

Monday, 10th June 2019, 11:21 pm
Fenton Seabright

Fenton Seabright finished in the points in 15th place, whilst Jack Hart crossed the line in 33rd spot.

Afterwards team manager Gary Wilson said: “It was a difficult weekend in Barcelona.

“The track is long and wide so it helps to be in a group of riders, especially in qualifying. This championship is so competitive. We are up against the best young riders in the world.

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“Fenton was able to keep pace with Ortola and Torrecillas, two very good riders.

“Jack did well too. After a difficult qualifying he didn’t lose heart.”

Seabright, who finished 11th overall in qualifying group A, was 17th on the starting grid.

After quickly making up a place in the early laps, he went on to become involved in a battle with Ortola, Gorbe and Torrecillas. Seabright rose to 14th, slipped to 17th and, as each rider used the slipstream and their skill to try to overtake the other, eventually crossed the line in 15th to pick up the final point on offer.

Hart, in the Group B qualifying sessions, did well to avoid dropping into the main Series Two race before recording his fastest lap time of the weekend in the cup race for 33rd place.