Rising race ace George Pidcock in need of sponsor

George Pidcock.
George Pidcock.

At just 13 years of age, Swanwick racer George Pidcock is already shining in much older company as he advances quickly in his motorcycle racing career.

Up against a couple of racers aged 18 and 19 and the rest of them adults in his maiden road racing season, George has already raised a few eyebrows by speeding home to a couple of second places, a third and a fourth to confirm his immense potential.

However, the cost of funding his racing is pushing mum Helen and dad Shaun to the limit now and they admit they will need some sort of sponsorship help to take him to the next level.

“Every spare penny goes on this at the moment,” said Helen. “I can’t remember the last time we went out, apart from the race weekends. Everything goes on the bike.

“Due to the nature of the sport it has proven to be extremely expensive and limiting. As parents we see huge potential and talent in George and wish for him to keep progressing.

“We have been told on many occasions on race days that he has a great talent and this could hopefully be the start of his future.

“It is £150 just to enter a race, then there is fuel, the upkeep of the bike, his kit and the petrol to get there. It is a real strain for us.

“He is not a small child for 13 and he will eventually need the next bike up which is a GP125 and we are then going into ridiculous money to afford anything like that.

“We would love to hear from anyone who would like to offer George some sponsorship help.”

A Swanwick Hall School pupil, George has always had a huge interest in racing bikes since he had an electric bike at the age of two and then grew up watching his dad tinkering with bikes, though his dad never raced.

George started out competing in MotoCross at the age of six and has now progressed onto road racing, competing in Formula 125 races for the East Midlands Racing Association at Mallory Park and at the Darley Moor club.

He saved up his own money to be able to afford his first race bike and maintains the bike himself with the help of dad.

As this is George’s first racing season at this level, the progress he has made is huge and extremely promising and George only sees his future as being a professional racer.

His granddad has just treated him to a new set of leathers to replace his battered old ones, which have helped protect him during a couple of crashes, and the family are currently re-painting the bike, spraying the new fairings to match his leathers.

Anyone who could offer George some sponsorship help can contact mum Helen on hpidcock@swanwicksportscollege.derbyshire.sch.uk or 07969 660543.