Potters are flattered by misleading scoreline

After two wins, one at home and one at Dudley, the Hitmen were fired up and ready to take on league favourites the Stoke Potters on Friday night

But their winning streak didn’t continue and Buxton lost 50-39.

The score, however, didn’t reflect the action on the night when the Hitmen gave Stoke a real run for their points.

Buxton kept the scores close and then level for the first half of the meeting until the Stoke team gained control with a 5-1 then a string of 4-2’s.

Heat 12 saw both Potter’s riders excluded giving the Hitmen a 0-5 and putting them back in the game.

And heat 13 was looking promising for the Buxton team with Adam Allott and Robert Branford focused on taking five points but Branford was excluded for wearing the wrong helmet colour, resulting in Buxton being on the wrong end of a 5-1 score.

Heat 14 saw Ben Taylor and Ryan Blacklock 2nd and 3rd giving a heat score of 3-3 and so going into the final heat with 45-38 the Hitmen had one last chance to get a point from the meeting.

But heat 15 again went the wrong way for the Hitmen giving Stoke a 5-1 and all the league points on the night.

Speaking after the meeting team manger Jack Lee said he was happy with his team’s performance.

“The lads did really well. We gave them a bit of a fright I think. We didn’t ride like underdogs we went for it and gave it our best shot. I think the score flatters Stoke.

“I’m really chuffed with the boys. Stoke come to us on Sunday and I think we will show them on our own track it’s a different story and the boys will be up for it.”

He added: “If we can keep this going to the end of the season hopefully we can climb off the bottom because we shouldn’t be there.”