Latest pigeon news

Creswell Old Comrades Flying Club: eight members sent 121 birds to Windrush, liberated in a south east wind at 1215: 1s Mr & Mrs C Jones (Bolsover) 1534.40; 2nd G Lucas (Clowne) 1531.24; 3rd Mr & Mrs C Jones(Bolsover) 1486.69; 4th Mr & Mrs P Cox (Bolsover) 1468.31; 5th Mr & Mrs P Cox & sons (Bolsover) 1468.11; 6th T Hancock 1465.86; 7th DK Hodgson (Whitwell) 1461.76; 8th DK Hodgson (Whitwell) 1461.57; 9th D Payton (Creswell) 1438.51; 10th D Payton (Creswell) 1429.65.

Spire Racing Club results. Southam, 102 birds. Mr and Mrs TV Booth 1541, Mr and Mrs TV Booth 1541; Mr and Mrs D Allen 1513, Mr and Mrs R Annetts 1508, Mr and Mr R. Annetts 1507, G Ellis and Son 1507.

Spire Distance Club, Saintes. RN Burgin 1075, J Smith 833, R Smith and Son 789, S Reed 628.