Kennedy defeats Adam to lift Handicap trophy

The first semi-final of the Handicap Snooker Competition was played at Hasland WMC between David Vaulks from NEDSC and Kennedy Wright from Alfreton SC, writes Geoff Hardy.

As both players play in the first division there was no handicap involved and the match got off to a good start with David opening with 16 and then going in to a 30-point lead.

Kennedy made a break of 32 and followed up clearing the last few colours to take the frame 47-59. In the second frame David opened with a break of 24 but it was Kennedy who with the help of a 22 and 43 break took the frame 35-68 to lead 0-2.

In the third frame David started with 16 and followed up with a break of 30 only to watch Kennedy make a break of 24 and then followed up with 39 to win the frame 57-69 and the match 0-3.

The second semi-final between Adam Duffy from Eckington SC and Alan Crownshaw from Alfreton SC turned out to be a one-sided affair as Adam could do no wrong and to be fair Alan didn’t do anything wrong himself.

Alan was receiving 28 points start per frame but the start made no difference at all as Adam took off like a house on fire and knocked in a break of 76 to take the frame 84-36.

The second frame was no different as Adam took a red down the side cushion and proceeded to make a break of 68 to take the frame 82-37 to lead 2-0. In the third frame, Adam had just two visits to the table knocking in breaks of 38 and 64 to take the frame 102-28 and the match 3-0.

The final took place at Hasland WMC between Adam Duffy and Kennedy Wright and in front of a stunned crowd it was Kennedy who turned the tables on Adam.

In the first frame Adam opened with a break of 48 but Kennedy then knocked in breaks of 24 and 40 to pinch the frame 57-71.

The second frame started with Kennedy scoring 28 and then followed up clearing the table with a break of 61 to lead 0-2.

After the interval Kennedy did not take long to mop things up and with breaks of 36 and 56 he took the frame 18-96 and the match 0-3 to leave Adam shell-shocked.

Tonight Thursday, May 26, Hasland WMC will host final of the Pairs Championship. Referee Mr Bill Girdwood.