Isobel’s star is rising!

Isobell Ashley, winner at the Derby Four-Star table tennis open
Isobell Ashley, winner at the Derby Four-Star table tennis open

Isobel Ashley has won the Derby four-star table tennis tournament.

The north Derbyshire competitor was in great form at the event and in the cadet final she defeated fellow England youth squad member Maria Tsaptsinon, from Berkshire, 3-2.

Isabel, who plays for the Colin Deaton Academy in the Chesterfield League, has won two of the four four-star events she has attended. In the other two she was a losing finalist and losing semi-finalist.

She has been chosen to represent England in the Austrian Junior and Cadet Open in Linz, Austria.

Below are the latest results and league tables from the Chesterfield and District Table Tennis League.

DIVISION TWO WALLACE BEDS: Speedwell B 8 Colin Deaton F 2; Cylinders D 5 Pilsley C 5; Cylinders D 4 Staveley MW A 6; Staveley MW A 10 Speedwell A 0; Bridge St Meths 8 Clay Cross A 2; Holmewood A 5 Cylinders C 5.

DIVISION THREE SPIRE SWEEPERS: Wingerworth B 4 Cylinders E 6; Oxcroft MW B 2 Colin Deaton H 8.

DIVISION FOUR WINGERWORTH TT: Wingerworth D 3 AGD 7; Speedwell D 8 Colin Deaton J 2; Staveley MW C 1 Holymoorside A 9; Holymoorside B 2 Eckington C 8; AGD 6 Colin Deaton I 4.

DIVISION FIVE COLIN DEATON TT A/C: Wingerworth G 2 Clay Cross B 8; Wingerworth F 5 Pilsley D 5; Clay Cross B 7 Holymoorside C 3; Holmewood B 9 Wingerworth G 1; Wingerworth G 0 Holmewood B 10; Speedwell E 5 Colin Deaton K 5.