Invitation to take up the whistle


Anyone who has considered becoming a man in black is being urged to do so now as a serious shortage of referees in Chesterfield threatens the local game.

Leisure Leagues, Europe’s largest provider of five and saix a side football, who run a thriving league at St Mary’s Catholic High School on Sundays, are calling out for any budding officials to keep the small-sided game alive.

Ollie Hitchcox, who caters for the referees, is encouraging anyone considering taking up the whistle to do so now.

He said: “Everyone has an opinion on football and many think they could do a better job, so now is the time to put a whistle where your mouth is!

“We provide full training free of charge so it’s a great opportunity to get involved.”

The league in Chesterfield is incredibly popular but recruiting potential referees is a must to maintain the running of the competition.

Ollie said: “Nobody should forget what a vital role referees play in the game – without them, there wouldn’t be one and everyone appreciates and respects that, so it would be brilliant to get local people involved. It could be the start of a successful officiating career.”

Anyone interested should visit for further information or call 0845 230 2340 and ask for Ollie.