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pubsram'Fox Inn, Birley Carr
pubsram'Fox Inn, Birley Carr

Golfing fundamentals: The backswing.

The first move, more commonly known as the takeaway, is crucial; it helps determine the shape and tempo of your swing.

I believe that the takeaway can be faulty for two reasons.

1, the player attempts to forcibly hit the ball rather than focus on swinging the club-head and

2, the player has simply misunderstood instruction such as ‘turn away from the ball’ or ‘swing on the inside’.

So, here’s an image that might help you.

At the address position, think of your arms and shoulders as a long, narrow triangle. From this position, concentrate on turning this triangle back in a ‘one piece motion’ until your hands are opposite your right leg. You should feel that the club, hands, arms, shoulders and naval all move together as a unit allowing you to take the club-head back ‘low and slow’ with a nice wide arc.

Useful drills to practice

1. Place a second ball about a foot behind the ball you are going to hit. The second ball should be directly behind the first ball. If you keep the triangle as mentioned above you will sweep the second ball away. If you start the swing in the wrong way you will miss the second ball. This gives you great feedback about your takeaway.

2. Place the grip end of the club in your belly button and place your hands down the shaft so your arms are extended as normal. From here, simply turn back until your hands are opposite your right leg. If you are doing this correctly the grip of the club will still be in your belly button meaning that you have turned away from the ball correctly. If the club comes loose you have used your hands too much.

Try these drills to perfect your take-away.