Hustlers move clear at the top


Hustlers ‘A’ have moved in to a one-point lead in Division One after beating Clowne Liberal ‘A’ 4-1 and are on 11 points.

Grassmoor WMC are in second place after they beat fourth-placed New Whittington ‘A’ 2-3 away with Mark Nunn making a break of 33 in his win against Andy Taylor.

Alfreton ‘D’ are in third place a further two points behind after just edging out Shirebrook Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’ 3-2 with Ashley Walker having breaks of 61 and 46 in his win for Shirebrook against Nigel Meakin.

Joining New Whittington in joint fourth place are Shirebrook Ex Serviceman’s both on seven points.

In the match between Rileys ‘A’ and NEDSC ‘A’ Nigel Bond knocked in a break of 44 although he lost his game against Rileys Billy Bond, and Nicky Roberts cleared the table with a break of 38 to win his frame against Rileys Simon Wall.

Also Martin Burrell had a break of 30 in his win against Rileys Steve Clayton.

In Division Two Hasland WMC ‘C’ have also a one-point lead and are on 11 points after they beat New Tupton MW ‘B’ 3-2 with Darren Hemingray having a break of 31 in his win against Tupton’s John Millington.

Clowne Liberal ‘C’ are in second place after they defeated Alfreton ‘B’ 4-1.

A further two points behind in third place are Hustlers ‘B’ although they lost 3-2 against NEDSC ‘B’ with Leigh Baggaley and Paul Barrs having breaks of 25 and 31 against Hustlers James Markie and Steve Waterhouse respectively.

Arkwright MW ‘A’ are leading Division Three by a point and are on ten points after beating Alfreton ‘C’ 3-2 with Martin Conway having a break of 37 but Arkwright’s captain Alan Ridgeway fought back and cleared the last four colours to win the frame 69-59.

Chris Knighton had a break 38 for Arkwright in his win against James Metcalf.

Birdholme WMC are in joint second place after beating Old Whittington ‘A’ 1-4 away and Hustlers ‘C’ are also in joint second place.

In the match between Pot Black and Riverside Dennis Rodgers and Steve Hudson had breaks of 44 and 30 for Riverside against Jason Wilkes and Gary Wilkes respectively.

In Division Four Newbold WMC ‘A’ are a point clear and are on 11 points after they beat NEDSC ‘J’ 2-3 away with Lee Shaw having a break of 30 in his win for Newbold against Ken Gascoyne.


DIVISION 1:- Hustlers ‘A’ 4 Clown Liberal ‘A’ 1, Rileys ‘A’ 3 N.E.D.S.C. ‘A’ 2, New Whittington ‘A’ 2 Grassmoor WMC 3, Alfreton ‘A’ 2 The Badger 3.

DIVISION 2:- Hasland WMC ‘C’ 3 New Tupton MW ‘B’ 2, N.E.D.S.C. ‘B’ 3 Hustlers ‘B’ 2, Clown Liberal ‘C’ 4 Alfreton ‘B’ 1, Brotherhood ‘A’ 4 North Wingfield WMC 1, N.E.D.S.C. ‘G’ 3 Staveley MW ‘A’ 2.

DIVISION 3:- Arkwright MW 3 Alfreton ‘C’ 2, Pot Black 1 Riverside 4, Old Whittington ‘A’ 1 Birdholme WMC 4, Holmewood MW 3 Clown Liberal ‘D’ 2.

DIVISION 4:- Pilsley MW ‘A’ 3 Brotherhood ‘C’ 2, Doe Lea MW ‘B’ 2 N.E.D.S.C. ‘M’ 3, N.E.D.S.C. ‘J’ 2 Newbold WMC ‘A’ 3, Chesterfield MW ‘B’ 3 New Whittington ‘C’ 2, Newbold Community ‘B’ 2 Doe Lea MW ‘A’ 3.

DIVISION 5:- Poolsbrook ‘B’ 2 Rileys ‘C’ 3, New Tupton MW ‘A’ 2 N.E.D.S.C. ‘F’ 3, A.G.D. Rileys 1 British Rail ‘A’ 4, N.E.D.S.C. ‘H’ 4 Newbold Community ‘C’ 1, Hasland WMC ‘B’ 1 Hustlers ‘D’ 4.