Husters go into joint first place

The new snooker season has cued off and last year’s Division One champions Eckington SC have now changed their name to Hustlers SC and they go straight into joint first place after an excellent 4-1 win against Shirebrook Ex Serviceman’s ‘A’.

Alfreton ‘D’ join Hustlers in joint first place after they beat The Badger 4-1 and then we have three teams in joint third place having all won 3-2.

Clowne Liberal ‘A’ beat NEDSC ‘A’ and Clowne Liberal ‘B’ beat New Whittington ‘A’ with Stuart Robinson having a break of 30 in his win against Clowne’s James Arthur and Steve Bedford also making a break of 30 in his win for Clowne against Kieran Wood, followed by Grassmoor WMC beating Rileys ‘A’ with Graham Jones making a break of 32 in his win against Rileys Steve Clayton.

There was also a similar start in Division Two where Hasland ‘C’ and Clowne Liberal ‘C’ both had 4-1 wins against North Wingfield WMC and Staveley MW ‘A’ respectively and are both in joint first place with Hustlers ‘B’ and New Tupton ‘B’ in joint second place after they beat Brotherhood ‘A’ and Alfreton ‘B’ 3-2 with Connor Rollo having a break of 31 in his win for Alfreton against Richard Whitmore.

In Division Three Arkwright MW and Hustlers ‘C’ are both in joint first place after they beat Hasland WMC ‘A’ and Birdholme WMC 4-1 respectively with Adam Mills knocking in a break of 43 in his win for Hustlers against John Stevens.

There are three teams in joint third place all winning 3-2 NEDSC ‘L’ who beat the Riverside Club ‘A’ with John Hunter having a break of 32 in his win for Riverside against Keith Munnelly. Pot Black beat Alfreton ‘C’ and Old Whittington ‘A’ beat Holmewood MW.

Newbold Community ‘B’ have a one-point lead in Division Four after they had an excellent 5-0 win against Brotherhood ‘C’, with New Whittington ‘C’ in second place after they beat Staveley MW ‘B’ 1-4 away from home.

There are three teams in joint third place who all won 3-2 Doe Lea MW ‘A’ who beat NEDSC ‘E’, Newbold WMC ‘A’ who beat Pilsley MW and NEDSC ‘M’ who beat NEDSC ‘J’.

In Division Five NEDSC ‘H’ and British Rail ‘A’ are in joint first place after both having excellent 5-0 wins against NEDSC ‘F’ and Newbold WMC ‘B’ respectively with Newbold Community ‘C’ in second place after they beat AGD Rileys 1-4 away.


The N.E.D.S.C. DIVISION 1:- ‘A’ 2 New Whittington ‘A’ 2 Clowne Liberal ‘B’ 3, Rileys ‘A’ 2 Grassmoor WMC 3, Hustlers ‘A’ 4 Shirebrook Ex Servicemans ‘A’ 1, Alfreton ‘D’ 4 the Badger 1, Clowne Liberal ‘A’ 3 N.E.D.S.C. ‘A’ 2.

The HUSTLERS S C DIVISION 2:- Hasland WMC ‘C’ 4 North Wingfield WMC 1, Clowne Liberal ‘C’ 4 Staveley MW ‘A’ 1, Brotherhood ‘A’ 2 Hustlers ‘B’ 3, New Tupton MW ‘B’ 3 Alfreton ‘B’ 2.

The CLOWNE LIBERAL CLUB DIVISION 3:- Arkwright MW 4 Hasland WMC ‘A’ 1, Hustlers ‘C’ 4 Birdholme WMC 1, Riverside Club 2 N.E.D.S.C. ‘L’ 3, Pot Black 3 Alfreton ‘C’ 2, Holmewood MW ‘A’ 2 Old Whittington ‘A’ 3.

The NEEDHAMS SPECIALIST UTILITY ENGINEERS DIVISION 4:- N.E.D.S.C. ‘J’ 2 N.E.D.S.C. ‘M’ 3, Newbold Community ‘B’ 5 Brotherhood ‘C’ 0, Staveley MW ‘B’ 1 New Whittington ‘C’ 4, Pilsley MW 2 Newbold WMC ‘A’ 3, Doe Lea MW ‘A’ 3 N.E.D.S.C. ‘E’ 2.

The NOVA TOURS DIVISION 5:- Poolsbrook ‘B’ 2 New Tupton MW ‘A’ 3, Hasland WMC ‘B’ 3 Rileys ‘C’ 2, Newbold WMC ‘B’ 0 British Rail ‘A’ 5, A.G.D. Rileys 1 Newbold Community ‘C’ 4, N.E.D.S.C. ‘H’ 5 N.E.D.S.C. ‘F’ 0.