Harry and Jenny shine brightly

In the Derbyshire Schools’ U11 tournament, Harry Beresford and Jenny Morgan of Walton/Holymoorside Junior School were both successful in taking the boys and girls titles and will represent Derbyshire Schools’ in the National finals to be held at the Doncaster Dome in April.

Another success for Chesterfield was Jayden Budworth from St. Mary’s.

This promising youngster will represent Derbyshire in the U13 age group in the national finals

DIVISION ONE SPONSORED BY CERTAX ACCOUNTING: Colin Deaton B 7 Speedwell B 3; Colin Deaton A 6 Staveley MW A 4; Staveley MW A 3 Colin Deaton B 7; Speedwell B 2 Pilsley A 8; Pilsley A 9 Pilsley B 1; Speedwell A 0 Cylinders A 10.

DIVISION TWO SPONSORED BY WALLACE BEDS: Colin Deaton E 8 Cylinders D 2; Holmewood A 1 Colin Deaton D 9; Cylinders C 5 Bridge St Meths 5; Bridge St Meths 7 Chesterfield Police 3.

DIVISION THREE SPONSORED BY COLIN DEATON TT A/C: Oxcroft MW A 2 Wingerworth B 8; Eckington B 2 Colin Deaton F 8; Holymoorside A 3 Oxcroft MW C 7; Colin Deaton F 7 Oxcroft MW A 3; Wingerworth B 4 Clay Cross A 6; Staveley MW B 8 Holymoorside A 2.

DIVISION FOUR SPONSORED BY WINGERWORTH TT A/C: AGD 5 Clay Cross B 5; Wingerworth D2 7 Holymoorside B 3; Wingerworth D 2 Holmewood B 8; Holymoorside B 6 Colin Deaton G 4; Colin Deaton G 6 Wingerworth D2 4.

DIVISION FIVE SPONSORED BY W P COONEY LTD: Colin Deaton I 8 Eckington C 2; Colin Deaton J 10 Speedwell F 0; Speedwell F 5 Wingerworth E 5; Pilsley C 8 Pilsley D 2.