Great Glasby praised by boss

Alfreton Town director John Glasby.
Alfreton Town director John Glasby.

ALFRETON Town chairman Wayne Bradley has paid tribute to the efforts of club director John Glasby who has overseen the setting up of a brand new community scheme for the club which will provide employment for up to 40 people over the next two years.

After months of planning, the scheme became reality on Monday, January 30, when the first four apprentices were employed by the club.

Chairman Wayne Braldey said: “In such economic times, John is to be congratulated for being focused towards generating the employment of youth in Alfreton.

“From the initial starting point, John has planned the scheme to expand to a further 20 apprentices being added within six months time, rising to a total of 40 by the end of the second year.

“Generating employment in such quantities in this day and age, is to say the least, a rarity. The club is not just an entertainment provider, but an actual employer.

“Our congratulations go to John for pioneering such a scheme in the football club and community.”

The club’s brand new community scheme will see constant development over the next two years and all the apprentices are being trained to NVQ Level 2 in activity leadership in a scheme which is being run in conjunction with Derby College.

The employment is full time and allows the football club to operate with such employment numbers that they will be able to offer the community coaching and event organisation free of charge wherever possible.

For instance, the club will make themselves available for in-school coaching and again, some of the activity will be provided at no cost.

Schools are welcome to contact the club to discuss the availability of the schemes and co-ordinator Lee Albrighton is the first point of call on 07896 579978.

Charity-based organisations also be able to benefit, again at no cost, and again, they are encouraged to contact Lee Albrighton on the number above in the first instance.

Many other out of school activities will be planned by the football club, utilising the scheme’s apprentices. A full schedule of events will be created and released in due course.

It is a scheme which involves employment and generates employment. It is fair to say the apprentices are also enterprising footballers who have joined the scheme with ane on their own development and they will harbour future hopes of playing for Alfreton Town Football Club.

Indeed, there will be fixtures created specifically for them.

The system will also be a support set-up for the first team, allowing players coming back from injury to have a structured return.

Bradley ended: “Having said that, the footballing side is secondary as the apprentices will be earning and generating qualifications. Yes they will be attached to a football club that is based in the Conference, and this scheme has been driven to it’s commencement by John Glasby.

“It was his brief when he joined the board in the summer to work towards setting up such a scheme and having investigated all of the educational partners available, we are delighted that Derby College was chosen.”

Further staff recruitment announcements, along with future facility development will be announced by the club as soon as they are in place.