Great Gastrell scoops trophy

The first semi-final of the President’s Trophy was played at NEDSC, Clay Cross, between Simon Broughton of Clowne Liberal Club and Dave Gastrell of Hasland WMC.

The match started with both players treating each other with respect but it was Dave who settled down first and with a break of 49 took the first frame 9-78.

In the second frame Simon kicked off with a break of 25 but could not maintain the momentum as Dave countered with breaks of 25, 28 and 24 to win the frame 49-95 to lead two nil.

What turned out to be the last frame was very close indeed with both players matching each other in both safety play and potting and ended up a black ball game with Dave managing to pot the final black to win the frame 50-52 and the match 0-3.

The following night the second semi-final took place at the same venue between Craig Swift of Alfreton Snooker Club and Steve Balfour of the NEDSC and the first frame produced some excellent potting and good safety play from both players.

Craig started the match with a break of 24 but then Steve countered with breaks of 22, 24 and 18 to take the frame 32-67 but then Craig settled down and with breaks of 28 and 20 took the frame 53-9 to level the match at one all.

In the third frame Steve opened with a break of 24 only to watch Craig follow up with breaks of 28 and 20 to win the frame 63-34 to lead 2-1.

The fourth frame went very similar to the third with Steve opening with a break of 28 and then Craig making breaks of 22, 21 and 18 to take the frame 66-31 and the match 3-1.

The final took place at NEDSC between Craig Swift and Dave Gastrell and what a good final it turned out to be with both players in form.

The match started with Craig opening with a break of 20 and then Dave had a break of 20 also with the game finishing on a black ball.

And it was Craig who rammed the black in to a bottom pocket to take the frame 52-46.

The second frame was a good potting game for both players but with breaks of 24 and 25, it was Dave who took the frame 30-54 to level at one each.

The third frame was all Dave as he really got in to his stride and with breaks of 25 and 29 he won the frame 18-70 to lead 1-2 and followed it up in the next frame to win 36-46 to take the title 1-3.