Golf: back to basics

pubsram'Fox Inn, Birley Carr
pubsram'Fox Inn, Birley Carr

Craig Pollard explains how to get to the halfway back position in the correct way.

The initial body shift

The start of the backswing is actually a combination of two movements:

1. The one piece takeaway as described in last week’s tip.

2. The lateral movement of your body to the right. These two movements happen at the same time.

As you start the swing you must shift your hips, shoulders and head slightly to your right until you feel your weight on your right leg and foot. This movement is small – only about two inches in total by the time the club is parallel to the ground.

The trick is to combine the shift and the turn at the same time. If your head stays still but the rest of your body moves you will have difficulty shifting your weight to the right and you will reverse pivot. On the other hand, if you move head and upper body but leave your hips in place you will suffer a huge loss of power (and a bad back).

Wrist cock

The hands and wrists do nothing in the early stages of the backswing. As we have already learned the backswing is a combination of a body turn and a small shift to the right.

Once you get the club parallel to the ground the wrists will cock naturally due to the weight of the club.

The cocking of your wrists is complete when your left arm is parallel to the ground and your left arm and club form a ‘L’ shape.

When viewed from behind, the grip end of the club should point just inside of the golf ball. This is what is known as ‘on plane’.

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