Staveley chairman Terry Damms expects Brett Marshall to be in dug out for Clipstone trip


Staveley Miners Welfare chairman Terry Damms expects manager Brett Marshall to be in the dug out when they travel to play Clipstone in the new year.

Marshall, a former Clipstone chairman, was allegedly refused entry to the Worksop Van Hire Stadium when he went to see them play Handsworth Parramore in early October.

Current Clipstone chairman Dave Paling claimed at the time: “I am on holiday. I wasn’t at the game. I know nothing about this, but it sounds made up.”

Marshall, who has also managed clubs like Hucknall Town, Retford and Southwell City, countered: “I am not blind. Dave was at the game and he was the one who gave me my money back. It is very disappointing.”

And, after the Northern Counties East League issued a statement saying the club were allowed to “refuse entry to anyone it considers unsuitable”, Staveley appealed to the Football Association.

Damms claims the FA and the NCEL are in agreement that Marshall should be allowed in to the ground to manage his side when the two meet on April 2, 2016.

A statement on the Staveley’s official website reads: “The FA ruling was issued on the 20th November 2015 the contents of which are between the NCEL and the two clubs.

“However, in conclusion there is an expectation by the NCEL, FA and us (and we hope Clipstone FC) that Brett is to be allowed in to the Clipstone FC ground to fulfil his role as manager of a competition member manager.”

Damms continues: “We were disappointed firstly that Clipstone FC barred Brett from entering their ground, secondly that certain denials followed and that they then rebutted all attempts to conclude this matter including rejecting offers from us to jointly agree that it may have all been a misunderstanding.

“Therefore it was referred to the NCEL who issued their decision but if we didn’t agree then we had the right of referral to the FA which we sought. The FA directed the NCEL to chair a meeting with Clipstone FC and us to try and mediate a solution.”

Nottinghamshire FA declined to comment.