Spireites gaffer's '˜very old' quip has landed him in hot water with the Nelson household

Martin Allen's quirky press releases have landed him in hot water according to Spireites new boy Michael Nelson.

Wednesday, 6th June 2018, 5:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 2:36 pm
Barnet v Hartlepool United English League Football - Sky BET League Two The Hive Stadium, Edgware, England. 5th March 2016 Barnet's Michael Nelson Picture by Dan Westwell

The Chesterfield boss issued a tongue-in-cheek statement upon signing 38-year-old Nelson, in which he called the centre-half ‘very old.’

That description of the former Barnet and Hartlepool United defender did not go down well in certain quarters.

Nelson revealed: “The wife has got a bone to pick with him because she’s the same age as me, she’s going to have a word with him.”

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But having worked with Allen at Barnet, the veteran knows exactly what you get with this manager.

“It’s a little bit of his sense of humour and a little bit of a fact in the footballing world,” he said.

“He’s just trying to get clear messages out there.

“He’s straight to the point in announcing signings, I was there when he did the press release.

“He chucked in a compliment as well, saying I was as fit as a butcher’s dog, so I’ll take that.”

It was Allen’s presence at the Proact that drew Nelson north, after three years and over 100 games with the Bees.

“Basically because Martin Allen was there, at the time that was probably the biggest draw,” he said.

“I’ve worked with him before, I’ve known him since I was 16 or 17, we know how each other work.

“Chesterfield being the club it is, quite a big club, with Martin going in there it seemed a perfect fit.”

It’s the clarity Allen gives players that Nelson appreciates – being left in no uncertain terms as to expectations.

“He knows what he wants, there’s no grey areas.

“If he’s got a problem he will tell you, if you’re not doing what he wants he will tell you and give you a chance, then it’s down to you.

“I’ve only really worked with him since I went to Barnet three years ago, but I know how he works.

“He knows how to get results, him going into Chesterfield at this stage is probably a perfect fit.”

Nelson will soon link up with his fellow new recruits at pre-season training and he’s not surprised the manager has gone for players, like himself, who have been around the block.

“The gaffer has recruited well, he’s got experience in.

“He’s got a very good, experienced goalkeeper, two centre-halves with quite a bit of experience between us, Curtis Weston and Sam Wedgbury in the middle, experience right through the spine.

“He likes to make sure the spine is very well drilled, very organised and experienced and then you can add flair players in and around it.

“Especially in the National League, the spine is going to be a major part in how successful you are.

“I’m sure with the players already there, the players he’s signed and two or three additions he might make, he will ensure we’re fully equipped and well balanced in all areas, to go and be very competitive.”