'No brainer' - Chesterfield fans would be happy to see John Pemberton given manager's job until end of season

Spireites fans are right behind the possibility of John Pemberton being named Chesterfield manager until the end of the season.

Monday, 10th February 2020, 5:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th February 2020, 7:52 pm

The 55-year-old has won three and drawn one of his five games in charge since taking over from John Sheridan at the start of January.

As part of our new Daily Debate feature over on our Facebook page this morning we asked Blues supporters if ‘Pembo’ should be given the job until the end of the season after initially being put in temporary charge until February 14.

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And here is what Spireites fans have been telling us throughout the day...

Paul Eggleston wrote: “Look at where the experienced managers have got us these last few years, and look at Evatt who we could have had as manager, Pembo is doing nothing wrong as he's a million times better than Sheridan was this season. Keep him on until at least the end of the season. If he keeps us up he can then have the job long term, but no stupidly long contract like we've done with managers in the past.”

Martin Towle posted: “Keep him on who would do better. A new manager would need to know the players and there isn’t time for that. Pembo knows them.”

Andrew Flint said: “Dont think anyone else with the players we have could do any better should leave him in charge till end of season at least.”

John Pemberton.

Ian Fothergill wrote: “He has the trust of the players so they should give him the job till at least the end of the season then take it from there.”

Dave Simpson posted: “5th best in league on form. Has to put him in prime position. Till end of season definitely.”

Philip Fisher said: “Keep Pemberton till end of the season. We have only lost one since he has been manger with us. We look stronger, more fit, I am not saying we are really good yet but I think if we keep Pemberton till end of the season then if he keeps us up give him a one year deal but we can't change it now surely because it might go straight back to the beginning again so let's keep Pemberton till end of season then make a decision.”

Stu Middleton wrote: “Why change summat that's actually working, we've got a manager that the players are playing for.”

Declan McEvoy posted: “No brainier... keep him...he hasn’t really put a foot wrong.”

Kenny Turner wrote: “Give him until the end of the season, and then take stock.”

Sav Michael said: “Dont rush into it.”