FA rule that Clipstone have to let Brett Marshall into stadium

Staveley manager Brett Marshall - Photo By James Williamson
Staveley manager Brett Marshall - Photo By James Williamson

The FA has ruled that Clipstone FC MUST let Brett Marshall into their ground when he next requests access.

The ruling came after an investigation was launched following a row between the Clipstone and Staveley back in October when Marshall was asked to leave the ground by after paying to get into the club’s 2-2 draw with Handsworth Parramore.

Marshall, now managing Staveley, had previously played a key role in the recent success of Clipstone during his time as manager.

A Stavely MW statement said: “There is an expectation by the NCEL, FA and us that Brett is to be allowed in to the Clipstone FC ground to fulfil his role as manager of a competition member manager.

“The NCEL is a terrific Competition, one that our club holds in such high esteem as we do its Committee Members.

“The NCEL like any competition is where member clubs are expected to follow the principles of fairness, not interfering with other clubs/participants who carry out their roles.

“It is normal practice for member club managers to be expected to observe opponents and that members should permit other member club managers in to their ground following the individual clubs price/entry policy which must be consistent as it is for any other person.

“There is an expectation that all clubs should adhere to the these principles otherwise we understand the League Committee may consider sanctions against non-adhering clubs including League Membership.

“We have confirmed to the Competition and the FA that we will comply with the ruling and its direction.”