Chesterfield academy praised by Ofsted inspectors

John Pemberton
John Pemberton

Chesterfield FC’s academy has been given excellent feedback following an Ofsted inspection.

The academy was said to offer an excellent learning environment, while the personal development, behaviour and welfare of scholars was rated excellent.

The scholars’ excellent attendance and punctuality was also recognised, together with the “very good” quality of teaching and learning provided.

Academy manager John Pemberton praised the hard work put in by academy staff.

He said: “We had a quote saying that we may not be a Premiership club, but we have Premiership leadership, structure and disciplines, which was really pleasing for us.

“We want to be known as the best Cat 3 academy and that is what we are working towards. The report from Ofsted shows we are on the right track, but there is still a lot of hard work to do.

“The education side of it is really important for us as not every scholar makes it as a professional footballer so they have to fall back on something else if it doesn’t work for them.

“It is important to get the under-18s right and ensure that, whatever happens, we produce good people and make them the best at what they can be, whether it is through education or football.”

James Ford, the academy’s education and welfare officer, believes Ofsted’s endorsement will help with the recruitment process.

He said: “It sends out the message that we’re doing a great job here to develop these lads, both on the pitch and off the pitch.

“We’re giving the boys an excellent opportunity to develop and go into the first-team environment and we’re also helping them to develop themselves personally by developing their educational profile and personal skills. It’s a really great package we offer.”

Academy director Steve Coe said: “I would like to praise John and all the academy staff for their dedication and professionalism over the past few months, including stepping up to take the first-team while carrying on with their academy roles.”