Alfreton woo fans with slashed admission prices

Alfreton town v fc Halifax town. Jake Speight
Alfreton town v fc Halifax town. Jake Speight

Alfreton Town are considering slashing their admission prices on a long-term basis – and the more missing fans that come flooding back, the cheaper it may become to get in.

Concerned over current attendance levels, despite a successful side which is the strongest the club has ever fielded, the Reds plan to test the water with cheaper admission for their next home game on Saturday, 16th November against Braintree Town.

Entrance prices will be drastically reduced to a level below those charged for even the club’s last season in Conference North with adult admission £12, 65 and over £10, young adults (17-21) £5 and U16s admitted free with an adult.

A club spokesman said: For this trial to be classed as financially successful the gate at the match would have to reach approximately 1,000 (and obviously not all those would have to be children).

“We entered ours third season at Conference level with a dilemma – how to improve the team still further with no growth in attendances.

“We decided to return to part-time status in the hope of attracting higher calibre players who did not want full-time contracts. This in fact happened, and the present team is the strongest that the Reds have ever fielded.

“So what has happened to attendances ? Almost nothing – the present average is slightly lower than last season although it would be expected to increase when the better supported teams make an appearance at the Impact Arena.

“The club hoped that more success on the pitch would automatically lead to an increase in attendance levels but it appears that this is not the case.”

The spokesman added: “The board of directors would like to be discussing plans to achieve a higher league position and even putting into place certain elements for possible Football League status. Unfortunately the uncertainty of present revenues and the levels of support that Alfreton could or might achieve are holding back their plans.

“If success on the pitch alone won’t bring in the extra support needed, is the pricing structure wrong? The fans seem to think so. The club is willing, therefore, to give the fans a chance to back up their argument

“For the club to move forwards the gate would have to be nearer 1,500 at these prices.

“Maybe a compromise would be required? Whatever the outcome, the club guarantees that if there is a significant increase, it will consider re-pricing at all games – the more attend the more the prices might be reduced. It’s now in the fans’ hands.

“This is the fans chance to not only help determine all future pricing, but to influence the whole direction of the club. Even if you are not a regular Reds fan come along and use it as your protest vote against the high cost of attending football at any level.”