Alfreton Town launch scheme to help Alzheimer’s sufferers


Alfreton Town Football Club’s Community Scheme has thanked supporters and locals who voted for them in a recent Aviva-backed Community Fund incentive, and then launched a new scheme to help local Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Over the past month, the Aviva Community Fund has been open to the public to vote for whom they believed should receive funding to improve their health and inclusion programmes.

Alfreton Town director John Glasby explained: “Some of our supporters and the local community really got behind us but unfortunately our total votes weren’t enough to secure the funding.

“However, we believe so strongly that support for dementia patients and their families is required in this area, that we are introducing our scheme anyway.

“We completed our arrangement with The Alzheimer’s Society on Tuesday and are pleased to announce that the scheme will commence in September.

“If anyone would like to make a contribution to help with our funding we would always be grateful. Dementia is an illness that can damage relationships within families, and it is our aim to help in a small way to try and prevent this happening.

“This is another scheme that our club is involved with that illustrates that our concerns are far wider than just what happens on a Saturday afternoon, and we trust that eventually the local community will view the club as a force for good in the local area.

“Further details of the ‘Football Remembers Scheme’ will be released later in the summer after local doctors, local health organisations and The Alzheimer’s Society have been consulted and plans finalised,” ended Glasby.