Keeping Town in the Football League is of '˜massive' importance to loanee

Louis Reed is adamant that he and the other '˜on loan' Spireites care just as much about the club's Football League status as anyone in the dressing room.

Chesterfield v Crawley, Louis Reed
Chesterfield v Crawley, Louis Reed

It’s an accusation sometimes levelled at players whose involvement with a club is temporary.

The assumption seems to be that because loanees can head back to their parent clubs, often at a higher level of football, they don’t have to be too concerned by the consequences faced by the club that had them on loan.

Reed, however, insists that keeping Chesterfield in the Football League is of ‘massive’ importance to him and other loanees.

“It’s massive for me,” he said.

“Myself and a few others have been brought in to help and strengthen the squad.

“For us to be seen as not bothered if we go down, that’s not what it’s about.

“We want the best for ourselves and the best for the team.”

The Sheffield United midfielder has played 35 of Chesterfield’s 37 matches this season, scored three goals and led both his club and all of League Two in passes made.

Despite his diminuitive stature, Reed has also topped the stats charts at the Proact for the number of defensive battles he’s been involved in.