John Sheridan: ‘I get texts from Carlisle players now who want to come to Chesterfield, I get them from Plymouth’

John Sheridan believes players who have experienced his management style will want to come to Chesterfield, regardless of the club’s non-league status.

Thursday, 18th April 2019, 9:06 am
Picture by Gareth Williams/; Football; Vanarama National League; Aldershot Town v Chesterfield FC; 19/01/2019 KO 15.00; The EBB Stadium; copyright picture; Howard Roe/; Chesterfield boss John Sheridan gets some early instructions out

The Town boss says he has been contacted by players from his former clubs, because they want to become Spireites.

Shortly before his departure from Carlisle, Sheridan revealed in a post match interview that he was ‘sick and tired’ of a couple of players who apparently struggled to cope with his demanding nature.

Fast forward almost four months and Sheridan has taken Chesterfield from the drop zone to the top half of the National League.

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While he rejects the assertion that he’s perhaps become a little more ‘easy going,’ Sheridan and his assistant Glynn Snodin have created a positive, upbeat atmosphere around the Proact.

He’s talked about putting smiles on players’ faces and ensuring they enjoy their jobs.

Whether that’s any different to the way he worked in the past or not, Sheridan is confident the vast majority of players enjoy his methods.

“I think players like playing for me,” he said.

“Ninety-five per cent of players over the 10, 12 year period I’ve been managing have loved playing for me.

“I think players like coming and playing for me, coming in day in and day out.

“You’ll always get those ones who have got that doubt and didn’t like you.

“I’m not going to change too much what’s stood me in good stead.”

What seemed to rankle during the latter stages of his time at Carlisle was the response, or lack of it, from players he was giving instructions to during games.

He says it’s his job to demand from his players, however, and there are ways in which players can show that they’ve taken feedback on board.

“I’ve managed top, top players who just acknowledge you when you give them instruction,” he said.

“There’s a way you can look at a manager, there’s a way you can answer a manager.

“The best manager I played under was the one who moaned at me the most, Ron Atkinson, never left me alone.

“I just used to turn round and wave at him. Inside I wanted to tell him something else.

“But 95 per cent of the stuff he was telling me was for my benefit, to make me better.

“If you see things occurring three, four, five times, you have to tell people.

“The game has changed so much, players don’t demand from each other, they used to demand from each other a lot. They don’t now.

“Unfortunately, because I see it, 60, 70 yards away, sometimes you have to be a bit more open, a bit more vocal than what you should be.”

If he is demanding, it’s because he, in his own words ‘likes winning’ and wants players to have a similar appetite for success.

“I just want them to be winners,” he said.

“If you have to have that ruthless streak in you to be a winner, just do it please.

“Be the nicest lad off the pitch, but on the pitch it’s all about being a winner for me.

“We need them.”

Even if his style did upset a few in the Carlisle squad before his departure, there were others who apparently weren’t put off working with him again.

And he’s certain that the club’s stature will help in recruiting players he’s previously managed.

“Ninety-five per cent of the players at Carlisle loved playing for me, I get texts from Carlisle players now who want to come here, I get them from Plymouth.

“They know, even though we’re non-league, it’s a good stadium, a good set-up, they want to come and play.

“They’ll know what I’m like. If they don’t feel they’d be comfortable playing for me, don’t come and play.

“Hopefully we’ll attract those players.”