It’s going from bad to worse on and off the pitch, says Chesterfield FC fan columnist Roland Gent

Just when I thought things might be turning round, it’s now all doom and gloom again.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 11:45 am

With 70 minutes gone on Saturday, it looked as if a win was on the cards and a consortium to buy the club just around the corner.

But come teatime we were staring relegation in the face again.

And by Sunday we were told a consortium of business people hasn’t got the money the club wants and it’s all off again.

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Laurence Maguire in action for Chesterfield FC against Bromley at the Proact Stadium on Saturday.

Is it any wonder the fans have lost all hope and won’t attend matches?

I’m just staggered, a month ago we were on a winning run and looked comfortable and solid at the back.

Now the defence gives away at least two goals a game, so the chance of a win is remote at best.

On Saturday, we went back to a 3-5-2 system and selected six defenders in the hope of getting a different result.

As usual, half the team is changed for every game and we find a new and interesting way of handing the game to the opposition.

All you can hear from the fans is “does John Sheridan know what he’s doing? Has our horrible dip in form resulted in Glyn Snodin being ill? “

At least I’ll give John Sheridan one thing, he is honest and said he expected to have been sacked by now.

He’s also said that our recruitment should have been better, in which case who is doing the recruitment? Why did it take until halfway through the season to get a right back on the books?

The sad fact is, there’s been so much chopping and changing, the players look to be lacking confidence in themselves and the management and teams look fitter than us.

By next Saturday we could easily be bottom of the pile again and right now no one can see where the next win will come from - never mind another 10 to keep us up.

Teams around us have all had mini-revivals and, if we go down, most Spireites are resigning themselves to the end of the club.

It just can’t go on in it’s present form.