How Chesterfield are shaping up at the quarter mark of the National League season

We are now a quarter of the way through the season and Chesterfield are sitting in a promising position in fourth in the National League table.

Thursday, 14th October 2021, 9:54 am

This point of the campaign is normally a decent marker to assess how a team is doing so let’s find out what the stats are saying for the Spireites....


Chesterfield’s xG average (expected goals based on quality of chances created) is 1.58, which is higher than the 0.93 their opponents have achieved against the Spireites.

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Chesterfield have suffered just one defeat in 11 so far this season.

Town’s xG average for last season when they made the play-offs was 1.55 (opponents 1.23).


They have slightly improved at both ends of the pitch in terms of creating better opportunities and giving other teams fewer quality chances to score.


The Blues are averaging 12.55 shots per game, while facing 9.09 at the other end (12.87 and 9.62 last season).

Their highest shot count for this campaign is 18 in the 2-2 draw against Bromley and their lowest was seven in their only defeat against Woking. Interestingly, since that loss, Chesterfield’s shots on goal tally has rocketed in the last two matches (Wrexham, 17) and (Southend, 16).

The defeat to Woking saw them face the joint most shots of 13 (same as against Yeovil), while they only faced three against Wrexham, which is the lowest total so far.


Their average shot count is ever so slightly down on last season, but has improved quite a bit in the last two outings. Defensively, they are conceding more shots on goal but that could be because teams are struggling to create clear-cut chances and are shooting from distance more (Barnet and Yeovil prime examples).


James Rowe’s men are attempting on average 305.55 per game, compared to their opponents’ 286.18 (333.02 and 312.76 last season).

Chesterfield’s long pass average has gone up from 19.44% last season to 19.81% and their average pass length is 23.15 (22.99 last season).

Their average number of passes per possession is 2.81 (2.98 last season).

Their best pass-rate was in the 4-2 victory over Barnet when they completed 309 of 380 (81.3%). The draw against Bromley was slightly lower (80.6%). By far the worst of the season was in the 0-0 stalemate at Dover when just 151 were successful (66.1%).

In their fixtures so far Chesterfield have edged possession with 51.83% compared to 48.17%. (50.91 and 49.09% last season). The highest possession came against Bromley (63.92%) and the lowest was in the 2-0 win at King’s Lynn Town (38.48%).


It suggests that this season they have tweaked their style with fewer passes involved in attacking moves and they are going a bit longer, but not by much. However, they are still edging possession.


Town’s positional attacks with shots, counter-attacks with shots, corners with shots, free-kicks with shots and crosses are lower than their average last season. But the number of offensive duels won are up.


In summary, the stats paint a positive picture. Chesterfield are creating more quality chances and limiting the opposition at the other end. The number of shots per game is slightly down but is starting to improve and it is worth highlighting that seven of Town’s 11 games have been away which is a factor. The style of play has been tweaked to go a bit longer, but again we must remember the number of away days and this could change when Chesterfield get a run of matches at the Technique. All of this, along with the league table and just one defeat in 11, suggests the Blues are going to be up there for the duration this season and with key players like Akwasi Asante and Jack Clarke coming back from injury, it is going to be an exciting campaign.