Former Grimsby Town boss Michael Jolley took a swipe at Chesterfield FC in bizarre post-match rant in which he swore 58 times in four minutes before leaving club

Former Grimsby Town boss Michael Jolley made a dig at Chesterfield FC during a bizarre post-match rant in which he swore 58 times in four minutes.

Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 3:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th November 2019, 4:41 pm
Michael Jolley left his role as Grimsby Town manager on Friday.

Jolley's outburst at BBC Radio Humberside journalists took place after the Mariners lost 4-0 at home to Leyton Orient on October 19.

The audio was handed over to Grimsby Town's directors and ultimately played a part in him leaving the club on mutual terms on Friday, November 15.

There was set to be a disciplinary hearing into the incident this Friday had Jolley still been in charge.

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He left the League Two club after seven games without a win.

His rant took place before the post-match conference had actually started but it was 'secretly' recorded.

The full transcript, released by Grimsby Live, can be seen below.

Michael Jolley: “David Burns, Matt Dean, Gwilym (Lloyd) – you haven’t the fxxxing balls to ask a straight question.

“You’re a fxxxing disgrace as a collective. Outrageous. The fxxxing negativity around this football club. It’s a fxxxing disgrace. An absolute disgrace.”

Matt Dean: “Why are you raising this now?”

Michael Jolley: “I have been waiting for an opportune moment when I’ve had you in the room.

“You lot are a fxxxing disgrace. You’re antagonistic, confrontational – fxxxing Jeremy Paxman. You fxxxing are an absolute fxxxing disgrace of a journalist.

“Do your fxxxing research. Fxxxing ask a straight question…you try your best? You are antagonistic, fxxxing patronising, arrogant you are a fxxxing disgrace of a journalist.

“The fxxxing radio station gives us no fxxxing positive coverage whatsoever.

“Fxxxing you and fxxxing Gwilym criticising playing man-for-man at Chelsea.

“I go on the fxxxing Monday night show with Rob (Staton) because he is a fxxxing professional journalist and a fxxxing straight shooter and you don’t fxxxing ask me a question. And then I go off you say ‘yeah it was the wrong decision to play man for man’ – fxxxing ask me then.

“Ask the fxxxing manager. You’ve got no boxxxcks. You’ve got no fxxxing boxxxcks.

“You’re snide, behind people’s fxxxing backs. Every fxxxing manager of this football club has had a problem with you. Every manager. Has had a fxxxing problem. Every single manager has had a problem with you.

“I’ve fxxxing spoke to them all. Trust me. About you. As an individual.

“And fxxxing Burns is an absolute fxxxing disgrace as well. A fxxxing disgrace.

“Ask me some fxxxing decent questions. Your fxxxing confrontational. Jeremy fxxxing Paxman.

“I’ve said to you, ask me any question you want. You’re fxxxing shit at it, you should do your fxxxing research.

“You put a negative spin on everything. You’ve never ever given us any fxxxing credit."

It is at this point that Jolley takes an unexpected swipe at the Spireites

Jolley continued: “How did Chesterfield get on today? How did Barnet get on today? That’s who we could be competing with. You could be going to fxxxing Braintree. And fxxxing Boreham Wood, you people. Have you fxxxing spoken about that?

“Have you seen our fxxxing budget. Have you seen our budget. Do you know where we fxxxing should be? Do you know where we fxxxing should be?

“Have you said that on the radio? Or have you just said ‘you’re not doing very well’. All the fxxxing negative things you ask all the time. Your style is so antagonistic.

“Come on Matt. You know yourself, you try to catch people out. You might get a bit more respect if you tried to build a relationship. Rob’s coverage is reasonable and balanced. Your coverage isn’t balanced.

“You must be fxxxing buzzing – ‘4-0 Grimsby lose at home, fxxxing brilliant, this is exactly what we fxxxing want’. You must be fxxxing delighted. It’s actually fxxxing true.”