‘We will pay our staff,’ says academy linked to Spireites

Chesterfield Football Club Village.
Chesterfield Football Club Village.

Directors of a football academy linked to Chesterfield FC have responded to claims that staff have gone up to three months without wages, vowing they will get paid.

The Derbyshire Times revealed a fortnight ago that the Chesterfield Player Progression Pathway had recently filed accounts showing £77k of losses.

The Times has subsequently learned that some staff are not attending work because they are owed three months’ wages and the academy – a legally separate entity to the Spireites – owes money to at least one former employee.

A spokesman for the organisation, set up by Liam Sutcliffe and Chesterfield CEO Chris Turner and based at CFC Village, said all current staff have either been paid or will be paid on their contracted pay day.

The spokesman also said: “Agreements are in place with former staff regarding outstanding monies.”

But one former employee, who is seeking legal advice over the ‘five-figure sum’ he says he’s owed, refutes that statement.

Concerned parents also got in touch with the Derbyshire Times, alleging that there were inadequate numbers of staff on hand to coach a junior football session last week.

The PPP spokesman said there were extenuating circumstances not linked to financial matters.

“The staffing level for the training session referred to was unfortunately affected by a combination of issues,” he said.

“One coach was unable to attend due to a family bereavement that day while another had to attend to a family member who had suffered a serious illness.

“A third member was delayed at his full-time job, meaning he was unable to attend.

“Rather than cancel the session at short notice and inconvenience players and parents, the decision was taken to go ahead with it.”

Mr Sutcliffe has stated that the academy’s £77k losses, filed for the 2014/15 financial year, were down to the set up of new projects and a cancelled football tour.

That tour, to Paris Paris Saint-Germain, was scheduled for October 2015 but then postponed until 2016.

Last month the trip was cancelled after concerns were raised over terrorism.