Tony closes in on Arctic journey

Tony Lormor who is doing an arctic dog sled ride to raise money for the Lymphoma Association
Tony Lormor who is doing an arctic dog sled ride to raise money for the Lymphoma Association

Former Chesterfield striker and kit man Tony Lormor is fully prepared for the challenges that lay ahead on his Arctic journey, which starts at the end of this month.

The 44-year-old has been training almost daily to ensure he is physically up to scratch and in the right frame of mind to tackle Swedish Lapland - dubbed Europe’s last wilderness.

A meeting in London recently outlined in detail his journey, which begins on January 30 and last five days, and Tony said it was a ‘real eye opener’.

“We’ll be without running water and electricity for three of the five days over there,” he said. “We’ll be living in a hut, I knew it would be tough, but they outlined the extremes.

“I’m ready to do it, I’ve been ticking over with my training nicely. I was ill over Christmas but managed to shake it off and I’m fully prepared.”

Tony decided to take on the challenge after he was diagnosed with cancer, just over a year ago when he was still working in the boot room at Chesterfield FC.

A small lump on his neck prompted a visit to the club doctor who referred him to his GP and was subsequently diagnosed at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

He was given the all clear at the back end of last year and wanted to give something back, he is now closing in on his £1,000 fundraising target for Lymphoma Association.

“There have been days when it’s been tough but the support I’ve had has kept me going, kept me motivated and kept me going to the gym to do this. I’d like to thank all those that have donated, your support is appreciated, and it will go to a worthy cause,” he added.

Here he details a recent day’s training in his online blog at “I walked to the gym with my 20kg back pack for the first time in a few days.

“Today was my legs day and I started with my jump squats and because this is more technical exercise than just lifting weights, I decided to do a set of press ups using a swiss ball in between sets.

“I’ve read where jump squats can make you ‘violently powerful’ so here’s hoping! Doing press ups, I place my feet on the medicine ball and this works my core as well, which means I almost get a full body workout in a quick hit.

“Next, is my deadlifts and I’m getting used to this so I’ve upped the weights to 60kg and do three sets of 12 reps and I can really feel it working my back and hamstrings.”

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