‘They were petrified coming back, they thought they’d be running up and down the Peaks’

Chesterfield Fc 1st training session 2018 - 19 season.
Chesterfield Fc 1st training session 2018 - 19 season.

Chesterfield players returning for pre-season might have been expecting gruelling runs in the Peaks but instead they were thrown a football.

Boss Martin Allen believes his squad feared the worst when they reported to the Proact.

“I think they were all petrified coming back,” he said.

“They thought they would be running up and down the mountains of Derbyshire.

“But we got into football work straight away, we had a hard few days.

“We’ve been playing football every day, working with the ball.”

This time last year Town held a training camp in Spain.

The 2018 pre-season destination is sunny Hasland.

“This week is more intense coaching work, with morning and afternoon sessions,” said Allen.

“In the hot weather we’ve brought training earlier to allow us to get all the preparation work done.

“I’m reading and finding out about clubs going abroad at a cost of £30k and £40k.

“At the minute that type of thing is no where near our agenda.

“All our work will be done on our training pitch.”

And the work, so far, has pleased the boss.

“Every manager across the country would say the lads have come back in good shape.

“They’ve been very receptive.

“We’ve got no bad apples, we’ve got no cliques, we’ve got no big time attitude boys.

“What we’ve got is a humble, hard working, disciplined group of men.

“It’s been a good start.”