Spireites fans opinion: Chesterfield FC is a team of ‘honest failures’ and a failed manager

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The last eight months have been a disaster for the club.

To an extent it was caused by Paul Cook, the best manager we have had in the last 50 years.

His actions at the point of leaving were without honour or courtesy. In the end he failed to complete the job. He was a bit like a builder who leaves a house without a roof because someone with a bigger house enticed him away.

After all the respect he was given by the fans he did not have the courage to say goodbye after a play off semi-final affected by the pull of Portsmouth.

The next step by those that administrate the club was a complete betrayal of the community of fans.

Two decent men but failed managers have been hired, an almost entire team of players has been sold and replaced.

The current team is composed of honest failures, with the exception of a couple of loyal players.

Dean Saunders was never going to work. His first interview was a shambles. He was unable to finish a sentence. His team were unable to finish a match.

Wilson is a decent bloke and was a great player for the Town. He has sloshed around the lower divisions and failed to impress.

This is my 49th year of watching the Town. I hope they survive, but it’s quite difficult to be hopeful when the club has had its heart ripped out.

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