Spireites fans blog: Time to get our hope and belief back at Chesterfield FC

Chesterfield football Club Web Tile
Chesterfield football Club Web Tile

Its time for us Spireites fans to start thinking positive again and get behind the team.

I can’t see how comments like ‘Lets be realistic’ and naming our individual playersas ‘not being good enough for League One’ is going to do anything for their confidence.

Yes we’ve lost some players we’d like to have kept hold of.

Roberts, a decent player who liked to do too much himself. Ryan, a brilliant midfielder at the beginning of the season, but for me his heart wasn’t in it as much toward the end.

Clucas a quality player but no Jack Lester, maybe one day but right now, absolutely had to go at £1.3 million.

Tendayi for me was the biggest loss this summer, a true Chesterfield legend who we let go without a proper send off, but good luck to him he deserves it.

As for realism, its not in the true Spireite nature, sorry! privately maybe, publicly definitely not!

We don’t fear any team no matter how much they’re worth, we don’t want to get bogged down with realism.

Are the Bournemouth fans or our twin town of Darmstadt feeling realistic right now? No course they’re not, they’re two fairly small teams with attendances not much bigger than ours, full of belief they can win the Premiership and Bundesliga! Why not? good luck to them!.

As for us, its time to get the hope and belief back! It might take time for the team to gel back together, but probably also would if we’d gone out and bought 4 one million pound players!

And why pick on individuals, For me Aryibi was a game changer at times last season and will be a great asset to the club, Banks and Gardner too are good players, who are maybe lacking a bit of confidence right now, we definitely shouldn’t be knocking their confidence further, what good will that do? lets try a bit of encouragement instead.

As for the board, I think the main reason for the fans frustration is the fact we can see all the prized assets getting sold off to pay off debts, but we don’t actually know how much these debts are, what’s causing them? and how many more players we’ve got to lose before the books are balanced.

From an outsiders point of view, the club looks to be taking more money than it ever has.

Attendances are higher than they were at Saltergate, The stadium is used for something nearly seven days a week instead of two hours a fortnight, the club shop must generate far more income than the portakabin we used to have etc. etc.

It’s definitely not the fans fault we’re in debt and, if you want higher attendances this season, show us a team that doesn’t want to be realistic, show us one that’s full of passion and belief they can get promoted.

We don’t want one that’s happy to just ‘consolidate’ this year. We don’t want to see that, if we did we’d might as well not bother turning up until next season.

We want the spirit of 97 back and we’ve still got 95 per cent of a team that can do it!

C’mon spireites dig deep and get behind the boys!