Spireites fans blog: It appears Chesterfield FC has reached the height of their ambition

Hartlepool United vs Chesterfield - Dean Saunders - Pic By James Williamson
Hartlepool United vs Chesterfield - Dean Saunders - Pic By James Williamson

I read Peter Roberts blog with interest and find it difficult to disagree with any of his comments.

However if you look at the recent history you will find that the Sheridan team went down with the failure to replace the goal power of the previous season.

Having been relegated its clear that gates would diminish in the lower division making a hole in future budgets which were clearly already tight.

I believe the board took a decision to go all out for promotion and allowed Paul Cook to recruit a squad to do that. That year he got virtually all the players he targeted and promotion was achieved.

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The following season policy changed and Ian Evatt was the only experienced recruit although others were mentioned as targets.

Because the recruitment was good the previous season the squad was good enough to surprise everybody and at the turn of the year looked a fair bet for promotion which would have been a disaster for the following years budget with increased wage demands and potential lower gates if the progress did not continue.

How do you overcome this, answer sell your leading goal scorer and ensure the goals dry up but keep the defence strong to ensure league one status is maintained. Almost did not work.

This year you have to sell season tickets so you recruit a proven goalscorer to boost sales, but then you sell the supply line so they will depending on a strong defence to maintain the current status.

If experienced midfielders are not recruited the result I am afraid will be a battle to avoid relegation.

It appears the club has reached the limit of its ambition.

I hope I am proved to be wrong over the next eight months.