SPIREITES: Dean Saunders plots to make Chesterfield a swinging success

Chesterfield FC reveal new team manager Dean Saunders at the Proact Stadium.
Chesterfield FC reveal new team manager Dean Saunders at the Proact Stadium.

Dean Saunders will ensure his Chesterfield players know the consequences of winning and losing this summer.

The Spireites squad report back for pre-season training on July 1 and Saunders has promised there will be something riding on the sessions every day to help them mentally prepare for the rigours of the campaign ahead.

Saunders, who signed a two-year contract at the Proact Stadium in May - just days after play-off heartache to Preston and Paul Cook’s departure, has revealed what he expects and has promised to make it worth their while.

He said: “In training every day there is something on it. The winning team gets this, could be some golf clubs, the losing team have to do this, they might have to run.

“It teaches them the consequences of winning and the consequences of losing. They’re doing it every day and I want them to take that mentality in to games. It’s got to be inside them. If it’s not inside you, and you’re okay losing, it’s alien to me, I don’t get it.”

The former Liverpool and Aston Villa striker represented Wales 75 times and says the characteristics that make players a success are the same throughout football.

“I sometimes get asked about how I cope with dealing with some players because I’ve played at a higher level, I tell them that I expect them to work hard as much as me and win as much as me,” he said.

“It doesn’t take talent; wanting to win and caring about the result. I don’t expect them to play like John Barnes and Gareth Bale but I ask them to work as hard as them.

“You’ve got heart and lungs and legs. That’s the bit that frustrates me. I don’t ask players to do things they can’t do and that’s the secret of management.”

Saunders, who was Wales’ number two for six years, has experience of managing in the Conference with Wrexham where he learned his trade before jobs at Doncaster, Wolves and Crawley.

“I have worked at the highest level coaching at Newcastle, with Alan Shearer and Michael Owen, and I’ve worked in the Conference where I learned everything,” he said.

“Everyone should do it. I hear people moaning at not getting the chance to interview for jobs, I had to go to the Conference to get a job. You’ve got to put the work in.”