Spireites comment: ‘Next stop... the Championship!’

Chesterfield FC Team + Staff Photographs. Daniel Jones.
Chesterfield FC Team + Staff Photographs. Daniel Jones.

Like most football fans, the season break seems to feel even longer when your team has enjoyed promotion or suffered relegation as we are all desperate to see what the new season will bring.

Spireite fans are no different and after the incredible season last time a return to League One football is greatly received.

It is understandable that some people are feeling apprehensive after last time but I think it’s vital everyone separates that team with the one we have now. After the two home friendlies I really felt that this season won’t be the struggle other fans and bookmakers alike are predicted. We don’t have a squad hinged on one 20-goal-a-season player.

Instead, we have developed a squad that is strong from the back right through to the partnership of Doyle and Gnaduilliet, who have return from pre-season as almost brand new players!

Added with the new additions, particular Dan Jones, and we have a squad looking comfortable in a new division. It’s also key to remember that other than a few fringe players we have kept the entirety of the same squad. After the excellent win and performance on Saturday, I think the Spireites are going to surprise us this season! Anything Rotherham can do I am sure we can do better... next stop the Championship!

By Lesley Brentnall