Spireites comment: ‘Fine lines will decide where League Two title goes,’ says Jon Howes

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The Spireites currently sit top of League Two on 58 points, with 15 games left, and are rapidly approaching the business end of the season, writes Jon Howes.

I appreciate that Paul Cook approaches each game, one at a time and refuses to be drawn into speculation regarding promotion, which is the professional way to operate. However, I feel that eight victories from those games would be enough to secure an automatic promotion place, but we want to win the league, don’t we?

Sometimes this season the team have been guilty of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde-like performances, one half of a game being completely different to the other.

This is a concern for all fans, because for a true title challenge, we will require consistency and this kind of performance is far from that. The outcome may be three points, which is great, but it can be a very fine line between success and failure. I have left games criticising the team and their performance and other times left thrilled and excited but in both instances wondering, how did we manage that?

We look frighteningly vulnerable from all corners and free kicks against us, always appearing to allow a player a free header at our goal. Also, we continually let attacking opposition players cross the ball, backing off them instead of challenging or tackling, a true basic of the game and a sure-fire way to concede easy goals.

In attack, we need to break forward going straight for goal as the opposition are still running back and disorganised, most goals this season were scored on the break. If you don’t shoot, you don’t score!

Mr Cook professes that keeping possession and passing it around is the basis to building an attack, as it keeps the opponents off the ball and in their half. However, this means their defence is organised and in numbers, so our attack almost always breaks down, very frustrating.

Let’s hope all our squad can stay fit and injury free, we need the big influential players to be consistent and at the top of their game in every match.