SPIREITES BLOG: Should Chesterfield FC stick or twist with Eoin Doyle?

Chesterfield vs Port Vale - Eoin Doyle celebrates his spot kick goal  - Pic By James Williamson
Chesterfield vs Port Vale - Eoin Doyle celebrates his spot kick goal - Pic By James Williamson

Chesterfield have one of the hottest properties on the market in the striking department at this point in time, writes Spireites fan Ben Littlewood.

The dilemma is, with a play-off spot well within their grasp, do officials at the club opt to keep Eoin Doyle with no guarantee of even more goals or take a considerable sum of money that could potentially be offered for the Irishman’s services?

They’ll be differences of opinion on this subject and I can understand why. Personally, I’d be reluctant to bare the burden of making such a tough call.

Arguments for and against occur on a daily basis, one day siding with the finance, the next performance and individual influence on the field.

We’re at a key point in the season and with the trip to league leaders Swindon Town on the horizon, focus will be firmly on creating a game-plan that will give Paul Cook’s men the best chance of achieving a positive result.

Confidence and momentum have built up over the festive period and will be much-needed when travelling to face such formidable opposition.

I recall their visit to the Proact Stadium back in October, the sheer pace and clinical nature of the Robins was frightening on that particular Tuesday night and I’d bite your hand off, not literally, in the case of being offered a point.

Two other key players, Sam Morsy and Jimmy Ryan, will be targets for bigger clubs but play such a big part in the structure of this team formed by Cook and his backroom staff.

Without doubt, an impressive midfield duo that many Chesterfield supporters have come to cherish.

To be honest, I’d avoid selling any player currently occupying a position in the starting lineup simply because of the ‘carrot’ of a play-off place being dangled in front of the Spireites.

Reaching the Championship has always been the main ambition for the club, why restrict yourself in that aim by letting certain players leave for a lump of cash?