New kit is up for grabs

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The Spireites new home kit for the 2011-12 season will be on sale from noon today in the club superstore.

The new blue home shirt - modelled by fans favourite Drew Talbot - includes a special design feature that is modelled on the shirts of the world famous Real Madrid.

Blues director of marketing Alan Stevenson said: “We have reacted positively to feedback indicating that our fans want the new kit in store in good time for the summer holidays.”

The new kit will be available in all sizes and at current prices.

It will be worn for the first time by the Spireites in Saturday’s home game against Gillingham, which has sold out for home fans.

Meanwhile, promoted Chesterfield FC wants its fans to enjoy a day of celebration at the last game of the season but the supporters will have to play their part.

The club is keen to ensure there is no repetition of the incident at the recent Bury game when fans caused some disorder on the pitch after a goal had been scored.

With promotion already achieved, and the league title still to play for, the Spireites want fans to enjoy themselves but it will need everyone’s co-operation to ensure no-one goes on the pitch.

Fans have been warned that anyone who does so, at any time before, during or after this game, will be ejected and banned from the stadium.

Extra stewards have been taken on to help things run smoothly with specific instructions to keep entrances and exits clear at all times.

Fans are asked to move swiftly to their seats, avoid causing any congestion on pitch-side walk-ways and not to stand in gangways before, during and after the game.

Stewards have been instructed to prevent any goal celebrations taking place away from the seated areas of the stadium, the pitch-side walk-ways particularly being a no-go area for such activities.

At the end of the game fans who wish to leave the stadium may do so but will not be allowed to linger on the exit routes, or congregate pitch-side, or in the corners of the stadium.

The arrangements are being implemented to ensure all supporters can enjoy and view without hindrance the after-match celebrations.

These could be curtailed if any fans go onto the pitch.

The only time fans will be allowed to congregate on the pitch-side walkways, will be right at the end to take photographs when the players make a scheduled tour of the pitch.

Stadium director Phillip Taylor said: “The club just wants everyone to be able to celebrate a fantastic season; we don’t want the exuberance of the day to lead to any incursion onto the pitch and an increased risk of disorder, which would spoil the day and the club’s good name.”

“With the eyes of the football authorities and the media on us the only images we want to portray is that of a friendly, successful football club whose fans can celebrate in a responsible manner.”

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