Midnight Leagues launched by Blues


Coaches from Chesterfield FC Community Trust are delivering free football sessions in Bolsover two nights a week as part of a new Midnight League programme and local youngsters are invited to come along.

Funded by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust and supported by the Football League Trust the Midnight League scheme will see Spireites and Bolsover District Council coaches work with youngsters aged 12-19 years on a Friday and Saturday evening for next 12 months.

The free football sessions, which start this week, take place at the following locations in the Bolsover area: every Friday: 8pm until 10pm, Creswell Model Village Recreation Ground; every Saturday: 8pm until 10pm at Castle Leisure Park, Carr Vale, Bolsover.

Midnight Leagues encourage some of the most at-risk young people in coalfield areas to engage in a more positive activity in the evenings.

Although called Midnight Leagues, the football sessions actually take place at various times in the evenings.

The main aim is to offer young people a positive and healthy option in their free time, where they can enjoy themselves in a safe and enjoyable environment.

The activities are being provided in association with Bolsover District Council and are free for participants to access.

Bolsover District Council has helped provide match funding and have helped select the venues. It is also planned to provide some music related activities in the future

Spireites head of community John Croot said: “We are very grateful to the support of the Coalfields Regeneration Trust and the Football League Trust to enable us to start these new sessions in Bolsover.

“Our coaches are really looking forward to working with hundreds of local young people in the Bolsover area for at least the next 12 months.

“The strongest proof of their success has been the comments from the young people who have been involved in other former mining areas.

“All have been extremely positive, saying that they would like the leagues to continue and many pointing out that, through the Leagues, not only have football skills improved but new friendships have been formed.”