Lester keen to highlight the positives despite defeat

Jack Lester
Jack Lester

Jack Lester will bring his players back to the Proact tomorrow to show them the positives from today’s defeat and pick them up ahead of Tuesday’s trip to Crawley.

The Spireites were beaten 2-0 by Morecambe in a game that saw Lester’s men create plenty of chances but fail to hit the net.

They were undone by two poor goals and an inability to beat an in-form Barry Roche in the away goal.

“It’s just frustrating isn’t it? I thought we played quite well up to both boxes,” said Lester.

“I thought the shape was good except for one or two moments.

“But the game is won in both penalty areas and we didn’t quite do enough to score today.

“Had we got the first goal when we had a chance in the first half I thought we’d have won the game.

“When we were having wave after wave of attacks I always felt it we got one it would bring two but we just couldn’t get that first goal.

“The ball wouldn’t quite bounce for us, things were coming off Rochey, hitting his legs, it’s one of those things.”

Lester believes there is fear amongst the squad, that they need to overcome.

And bravery will be key if they’re to climb from the bottom of League Two.

“We got down the outsides, we got in behind, balls were flashing across the six-yard box.

“I think that’s the positive, that we created so many chances that we should win a game.

“It’s not that we’ve turned up and got turned over, with that amount of attacking play compared to theirs it should be enough to win.

“When you’re down there it’s difficult, there’s a little bit of fear in the players and they need to come through that and step up, as we all do.

“It’s hard to give belief when you’re losing but there needs to be a better body language.

“The mind needs to lead the body.

“You have to be brave. When you come up against things, heroes come out of these situations.

“Do you want to put yourself up there to fail or hide? The players will put themselves up there, they’ll be ready for the next game and be brave enough to put themselves out there.”

With a trip to 18th-placed Crawley in midweek, Lester won’t allow his squad to wallow in their latest loss.

“We’ll get them in tomorrow, show them the positives, what they’ve done well and what to build on,” he said.

“I thought today was enough to win a game, the ball didn’t fall for us.

More of the same - we will be working to get fitter, to get stronger, to get sharper, to be more ruthless.

“There’s loads of improvements we can make in the team, little bits from each department.”