Jordan Flores set to begin rehab programme weeks after horror car crash

Chesterfield's Jordan Flores''in action against Port Vale.
Chesterfield's Jordan Flores''in action against Port Vale.

Former Spireites loan man Jordan Flores will start his rehab programme on Friday as he looks to rebuild his career.

Flores will begin his rehab at the Wigan Athletic Training Centre just over three weeks after the car crash that could easily have claimed his life.

The 22-year-old was involved in a head-on collision on October 23 while driving to training with Chesterfield.

Speaking to our sister title the Wigan Observer, dad Manny said: “He was released on Tuesday, we’re all made up.

“Over the weekend he was measured and fitted for a brace, and he sat up on Saturday for the first time.

“He had an x-ray on Monday with the brace on, stood up for the first time since the crash.

“Everything was in position, and he’s managed to walk a few steps.

“He’s been helped a lot by the use of a muscle stimulation machine provided by Wigan Athletic, which has really helped him to get moving.

“The doctor asked him when he wanted to go home, and he said: ‘Now!’ “He’ll be in the brace for three months, he’s got another x-ray in two weeks, and it’s finding out what he can and can’t do.

“He’s not healed yet, but he’s relaxing, he’s watching telly - and he’s home.

“We’re all keeping a positive mindset, and he’s determined to recover as best he can.”

And Manny said the crash had helped the family find a new focus on life.

“As a family, it’s also made us focus on what’s important,” he added. “It’s baby steps at the moment, with small goals.

“Once he’s reached his next target, we tick it off and he goes for the next one.

“He could still have a great career, and he has to see this as a wake-up call. “You can’t take anything for granted in life - and he’s grateful at being given a second chance.”