Fans writer urges Chesterfield manager John Sheridan to stop tinkering after surprise home defeat to bottom club Chorley

I’ve seen some rubbish in the last couple of seasons at the Proact, butSaturday was down there with the worst of the lot.

Saturday, 16th November 2019, 8:14 pm
CFC V Chorley John Sheridan

Losing 3-2 at home to Chorley, who are part-timers, was inexcusable. We let in three absolutely awful goals and Chorley could easily have had a couple more in the second half.

The blame has to lie at the door of John Sheridan, who reverted to selecting a bizarre formation the like of which we thought we’d seen the back of.

Yes, left-sided Gevaro was awat on international duty and Josef Yarney was missing with an injury, but that’s no reason to completely destroy the midfield and put players in unnatural positions.

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We’ve seen that the side functions best in a simple and easy to understand 4-4-2, but I’m convinced at times on Saturday players did not understand where they were meant to run and what they were supposed to be doing.

Our midfield consisted of Buchanan in a central defensive midfield, a role he isn’t suited to. He’s a full back and that’s it, he was by-passed by Chorley in that position.

Joe Rowley was on the left side, but the problem is he’s right footed and never made a run on the outside of his man, giving full back Jay Sheridan no-one to pass to.

Right side was Jonathan Smith, who is a central midfielder and never went on the outside on the right, therefore giving right back Robbie Weir no-one to pass to.

Curtis Weston played in his normal middle. But having one midfielder out of four in the correct position meant that we had no attacking threat, apart from a big diagonal hoof to Tom Denton, who did virtually nothing with it.

In the first half against Chorley we managed one shot on target when the ball fell to Curtis Weston.

Chorley meanwhile scored two goals with our defence looking like the Keystone Cops.

What baffles me is why Jermaine McGlashan is not getting a game? He’s a proven right sided player who will take on a man and cross, but instead we persist with an out of sorts Joe Rowley, who almost looks afraid to try a cross.

Going 3-5-2 after giving Chorley 60 minutes of the game made a difference although we lack the pace at the back to play that formation, as was proved by the horrendous mistake by Evans to gift Chorley a penalty.

Please can we go back to doing what works and stop tinkering Mr Sheridan?